Volunteers are working hard! 2

Hi dear friends,
It’s been quite a long time that I haven’t let you know about our volunteers.
Well, since June, various volunteers came and already left home.
For example Noam ( our first Israelian) was working in SENATI institute. There he was helping yooung adults to learn English related to computers, machines and so on. He did a great job.

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2 thoughts on “Volunteers are working hard!

  • orenkomp.ru

    The volunteers from another neighbourhood – Plavnieki, could not manage to establish good communication; however, to achieve the goal new association was created „Neighbourhood’s welfare”. The association has the idea to start renovation work of the children playgrounds. Unfortunately, the process has not yet started as inhabitants cannot get in touch with the land’s owner.

  • Ирина

    In the same neighbourhood another development works are carried out by the volunteers. Several flowerbeds are set in the courtyard, as well as close contest against graffiti on the walls. The volunteer, Arija Gotvoni, noticed that youngsters draw less now than it was earlier. Some of the graffiti authors now are involved in the walls’ cleaning process.