Hi there, we are back!

Hello dear friends,

To let you know that we finally are back. We actually were working but were unable to update our site because of different situations.

So we want to keep you informed that tomorrow Daniela is arriving to help in our community. Hope you can join her.

Today 2022


The first of many

Shey, 29, USA
July 3, 2013

To say I have been on an adventure in Peru would be an understatement. And to try and sum up everything that has occurred would be nearly impossible as so much has happened in such little time. Either way, I will try my best to offer insights I wish I’d have had prior to arriving for peace of mind and excitement in an experience I could have never imagined.

So many things have happened since then!

Hi everyone,

We are almost finished April and haven’t let you know about the things we are doing together with some volunteers:

Here you go:

In January and February we were working hard at home with Ariel ( who’s coming back tonight) with the tiles. I mean we set up tiles in a room and a bathroom.

Malene, a girl wanting to study spanish , spent almos 5 weeks with us and then went to live with a traditional family in the Andes to learn from them about how they do their living.

Volunteers are working hard!

Hi dear friends,
It’s been quite a long time that I haven’t let you know about our volunteers.
Well, since June, various volunteers came and already left home.
For example Noam ( our first Israelian) was working in SENATI institute. There he was helping yooung adults to learn English related to computers, machines and so on. He did a great job.

Maggie is doing well!

Hi friends,
To let you know that Maggy is working ar Fe y Alegr├Ča School and we know that she really loves it!
She is a very good teacher because gets involved with every activity. We hear students asking her : Please act like a cat! act like a lion! You should hear those sounds she produces!!!
Thank you Maggy it is very nice to hear that your students like you so much