Other Projects

Teach Huaraz Peru Library

Teach Huaraz Peru is working closely with the English students of Huaraz University to address the problem of a lack of English language reading materials available to them. Managed by the most diligent of students, Yessica Lugo, our aim is to provide a learning resources of depth and quality that is free of charge.

We desperately need to increase the size of the library and so ask all volunteers to make a contribution from their travel readings. However if you are able to squeeze a little more weight into your backpacks then please bring as many books as you possibly can.

The resource is also available to all volunteers staying at the Delgado’s house and provides a pleasant quiet environment to take time out from the stresses of volunteering! All members (students and volunteers) are required to pay a refundable deposit of 20 soles to ensure the efficient running of the library.


Having been an NGO purely involved in developing the quality of English language education for the children and students of Huaraz, Teach Huaraz Peru is developing further to establish an orphanage and a short term shelter for those needing accomodation from the surrounding rural communities.

Many poorer Peruvians who need to visit Huaraz to give their children medical attention often have nowhere to stay. The 4 rooms under construction will allow these families to spend their time in comfort and with full use of basic facilities (kitchen, laundry, washing area).

Huaraz suffers from the countrywide problem of having a significant amount of orphans, particulary from the rural areas where the effects of poverty are so acute. Current government provision for these children is insufficient for the needs of these orphans and many cases often go unnoticed. The project to establish an orphanage will provide capacity for up to 10 children to stay on a long term basis and receive an upbringing they deserve. In preparation for the provision of this service, we ask you to bring any toys, games, clothing and books that you can spare.

Extensive building work is currently being undertaken to create a third floor at the premises. Through your support and donations as volunteers we will ensure that these new projects will be as successful as the original English teaching programmes that have made Teach Huaraz Peru the organisation it is today.

Language Centre

Plans are in place to futher develop the language lessons on offer from the current Spanish classes to include Quechua (the mother tongue of Peru) and English. We hope to establish the centre to officially certify language qualifications and continue to provide the first class service to all our guests.