Meet the Team

Luis Delgado

Founder and Coordinator
Hola and welcome to the Teach Huaraz Peru family. I am a qualified English and Social Science Teacher and enjoy meeting volunteers from many different countries. I make all the arrangements for your unique teaching placement, homestay accommodation, Spanish lessons and any cultural activities you may be interested in. I assist all volunteers in becoming familiar with Huaraz and the surrounding area, in liaising with Peruvian people and providing teaching techniques learned from many years in front of a classroom. I live in Huaraz with my family.

  • Cell: +51 943304489
  • Email: Please use our Contact Form or contact me directly at

Sindy Delgado

Executive Director and Spanish Teacher
Hi I’m the Peruvian Spanish teacher with Teach Huaraz Peru. I am a qualified teacher in English and Spanish for Peruvian students of all ages, and am also qualified to teach Spanish as a second language to foreigners. I specialize in creating personalized Spanish courses and private tuition classes to suit learners of all levels, from beginners through to intermediate and advanced.

  • Tel: +51 950269259

Tristan Franz

USA Representative
Hello! Hey everyone! I serve as the USA representative for Teach Huaraz Peru. I live in New York City where I have recently begun a career in teaching English after an inspiring two months down in Peru. I’ve traveled quite a bit and can honestly say that I haven’t experienced anything as special as my time with THP. If you have any interests at all in volunteering abroad, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have, and hope you decide to discover your own adventure in Peru soon!

  • 347-523-2309

Nelson Prichard

French and AUS Representative

After returning to Paris, I moved to Brisbane, Australia to commence my undergraduate at the University of Queensland. My three months in Huaraz were filled with memorable and life changing experiences. For example, the most heartwarming moment I experienced was helping a 1st grade student to learn to write, by providing her with a calligraphy book and a few extra lessons. Although I was quite young and had no experience in teaching, the foundation guided me to ensure that I could contribute to the local community in the best possible way. Traveling to another country can be quite daunting especially if you are young, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • +61466017966

Brian Marein

USA Representative

I am one of the representatives of the USA for Teach Huaraz Peru. After spending a summer in Huaraz, I have returned to Columbus, Ohio to continue my undergraduate studies at the Ohio State University. My two-month stint in Peru was my first time traveling to a foreign nation alone, and the warmth and hospitality of the Delgado family made my adventure fun, safe, and enjoyable. If you would like to learn more about the program and life in Huaraz, especially for younger volunteers who have not had much experience abroad, I am more than happy provide information.


Ed Simmons

UK Representative
Hola! In 2010 I spent 3 months with THP where I was warmly welcomed by the Delgado family and all the Peruvian students I met. I also witnessed the huge disparity in educational resources Peru has in relation to my experiences as a mathematics teacher in London. I am looking now to continue my involvement with THP from England by coordinating development sessions between qualified teachers of all disciplines and the teachers of Huaraz. Peru has huge desire and potential for improvement, if you want to help that goal then please get in touch asap.


Jessie Connor

AU Representative
Hey guys and gals. My name is Jessie and I am the Australian representative for Teach Huaraz Peru. I am currently travelling around South America, taking a break from my teaching career back home. Prior to coming to Huaraz, i´d taught for two years in primary schools with students aged nine to tweleve. Here in Huaraz, I spent 6 weeks working in various schools and universities around the community. I encounted open, warm and eager students who were deeply curious about people from other countries. Most students I worked with were tenacious in their quest to grasp the English language. My time allowed me to enrich my practice in many ways. Developing relationships with the students as well as the Delgado family, an experience unlikely to be surpassed.

If you are a teacher looking for a new challenge or a avenue for improving your practice I can recommend Teach Huaraz Peru. If you would like to know any more about my experience, have any questions or insights please feel free to contact my via my email below.


Ariel Ziv Wishkovsky

USA Representative

Dear perspective volunteers,

My name is Ariel Ziv Wishkovky. I am a volunteer here at Teach Huaraz Peru (THP). As the Volunteer Advisor here at THP, my aim is to conduct services within the non-profit world to help organizations and NGOs such as THP. At the same moment, I am also starting my own foundation called the Jack Heisler Foundation for Orphaned Children (JHF). Within JHF, we have high hopes to provide services to those who cater to the needs of orphaned children; such as the future hopes of THP.

THP is a family run organization that has pure intentions of helping those in need. The organization has dedication to providing support to local teachers who teach English; however, do not have the degree and full knowledge to teach the subject. In this respect, THP looks to find dedicated volunteers who have a desire to help teach and support students within the city of Huaraz and Province of Ancash.

The roots of THP come from a compilation of educated ideas with a non-biased belief and dedication to provide education. What does this mean? Education for everyone!
The household is a family of very well educated professors with degrees in multiple areas. The future of THP is going in a very distinctive path as we aim to not only find the funding to support our projects, yet the dedicated volunteers willing to put forth the effort to support our projects. These ideas include and are not limited to: teaching English in the surrounding area, creating a refugee for needy orphans, an on property school that caters especially to the development of languages, and within the same school education that is dedicated to providing needed skills such as; mountains guides and guides in general, and different shop trades that include artisanal work and skilled service workers.
Lastly, THP has a commitment to conservation and preservation of local and global lands. This is to say we promote sustainability. We are currently trying to conduct on property services that will allow us to utilize the sun. What does this mean? Solar power!!! We believe this is a sustainable way to utilize resources, while projecting and prolonging growth of THP. All the meanwhile, we are able to teach not only our local community, but our volunteers about preserving precious resources.

One of the best parts of working with the Delgado-Angeles family is (not only the food), but the openness and willingness for change. We realize that in today´s society listening and taking everything with a grain of salt could not be more important. We are open to ideas and embrace change.

From my heart, thank you for reading and we appreciate your support. If you have any further questions and or ideas, you can feel free to contact me via email me at