Workshop Opportunities

This section of Teach Huaraz Peru is aimed at qualified teachers at every level and in every subject (Note qualified TEFL teachers must hold either a CELTA qualification or equivalent) to help the development of the teachers of Huaraz. Should you have the energy and drive to match that of the Peruvian people then opportunities will abound to help them deliver the best possible standard of education to the next generation of Huaracinos.

Two main training aspects could shape your stay at THP-

Developmental workshops of all subjects

workshopTeachers in Peru lack the training and support that is common in the western world. Quality of resources is also a huge issue. An possible programme to support the teacher would be to offer a series of workshops based on the following topics (however if you have your own ideas we would love to hear them):
• Subject pedagogy and assessment
• Behaviour management
• Resources

Teachers and student teachers have expressed great demand for this additional support and would love the opportunity to utilize your expertise. We have the capacity to coordinate all willing teachers in the region to attend such a conference, however we need your expertise to make it happen!

Individual developmental teacher programmes

workshop2With the lack of training and in school support received by national school teachers, a huge opportunity exists to give individuals your expertise and to demonstrate to them best practice. The programme is flexible but an ideal format would see you observe and feedback to the teacher on a specific class; whilst taking another class to be observed by the teacher over a 3-4 week period. With your support you could make a huge impact on a teacher’s practice!